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ICORR'99 Accepted Submissions


Paper NumberAuthor
ICORR99-35DE Johnson
ICORR99-36DE Lum
ICORR99-33DE Siegel
ICORR99-10DE Topping
ICORR99-37DE Wagner


ICORR99-29PO Blanarovich
ICORR99-22PO Connor
ICORR99-31PO Jones
ICORR99-26PO Jung
ICORR99-13PO Kvasnica
ICORR99-25PO Lacey
ICORR99-2PO McClenathan
ICORR99-18PO Stefanov
ICORR99-39PO Takahashi
ICORR99-32PO Tejima


Paper NumberAuthorSession
ICORR99-40PL Avizzano Prosthetics/Orthotics
ICORR99-27PL Campos Prosthetics/Orthotics
ICORR99-7PL Craelius Prosthetics/Orthotics
ICORR99-20PL Didi Wheelchair & Mobile Robots
ICORR99-30PL Driessem Evaluation & Simulation
ICORR99-28PL Eftring Evaluation & Simulation
ICORR99-41PL Gelin Assistive Robots
ICORR99-34PL Harwin Therapy II
ICORR99-12PL Hillman Wheelchair & Mobile Robots
ICORR99-19PL Katevas Assistive Robots
ICORR99-16PL Keates Assistive Robots
ICORR99-5PL Krebs-Parkinson Therapy I
ICORR99-4PL Krebs-Stroke Therapy I
ICORR99-6PL Kwee Wheelchair & Mobile Robots
ICORR99-23PL MacNamara Assistive Robots
ICORR99-24PL Matsuoka Therapy II
ICORR99-38PL Nagai Prosthetics/Orthotics
ICORR99-11PL O'Connell Evaluation & Simulation
ICORR99-21PL Pledgie Therapy I
ICORR99-17PL Rao Therapy II
ICORR99-14PL Reinkensmeyer Therapy I
ICORR99-3PL Sakaki Therapy II
ICORR99-1PL Simpson Wheelchair & Mobile Robots
ICORR99-15PL Song Evaluation & Simulation
ICORR99-8PL Weiss Future of Rehabilitation Robotics

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