A Rapid Prototyping Environment for Mobile Rehabilitation Robotics

Ir. B.J.F. Driessen, ing. J.A. v. Woerden, Prof. Dr. G. Bolmsjö (Lund University), Dipl.- Ing. O. Buckmann (BIBA)
TNO-TPD, PO-BOX 155, 2600 AD, Delft, The Netherlands
Email: driessen@tpd.tno.nl, tel: +31 15 2692394, fax: +31 15 2692111


This paper describes a development environment for collaborative engineering of rehabilitation robotics devices, called RETIMO. The basis of RETIMO is models of the different components (mechanics, computer hardware, controller, human interfaces) of the mobile robot. Each component can exist in three different stages: a) simulation stage, b) virtual prototyping stage, c) real prototyping stage. RETIMO will lead to: An example of the method is given by the design of a mobile base mounted manipulator.
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