Upper Limb Motion Assist Robot

Yoshihiko Takahashi, and Takeshi Kobayashi
Dept. of Mechanical Systems Eng. Kanagawa Institute of Technology
1030, Shimo-Ogino, Atsugi, Kanagawa, 243-0292, JAPAN
Phone/Facsimile : +81-462-91-3195 E-mail: ytaka@mse.kanagawa-it.ac.jp


An upper limb motion assist robot to elderly and disabled people is proposed in this paper. The robot can be mounted on a wheelchair to actuate an elderly person's upper limb three dimensionally by his will. A wrist of an arm is suspended, and actuated by a wire driven control system. A vibration reduction system is also developed to decrease the vibration occurred in the wire driven system. The wire driven control system is advantageous to design a compact, light weight, and low cost mechanism. In this paper, the concept of the robot, the mechanical structure of an experimental setup, mechanical characteristics, control system, experimental results are described.
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