The Development Of Handy 1, A Robotic System To Assist The Severely Disabled

Mike Topping BA Cert. Ed., Jane Smith BA Hons.
Staffordshire University
Stoke on Trent


The Handy 1 is a rehabilitation robot designed [fig. 1] to enable people with severe disability to gain/regain independence in important daily living activities such as: eating, drinking, washing, shaving, teeth cleaning and applying make-up. Changing age structures, resulting in increased numbers of people with special needs are making ever greater demands on the community of care workers. Dependency upon care staff, particularly in public institutions, where volume dictates the level of personal attention, can have a significant effect on the well being and quality of life of the individual.

The introduction of systems such as Handy 1 will encourage greater personal activity, leading to an increased level of independence. The impact of the Handy 1 on the community of care workers will also be significant helping to reduce the amount of stress present in situations where care workers assist disabled people on a one-to-one basis [1].

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